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Pools are like Kids. They Admire Gratitude and Willingness, and Need a lot of stuff.
We are adding a new service: Plumbing/sewer repair and Drain Cleaning

At Apex Pool Service, We Understand the Difficulty in Owning a Swimming Pool and are Willing to Share the Burden.  Call Us Today!!!  

                     Owned by A P Pool Tech. LLC 

       TDLR Swimming Pool Electrical Installer Licensed and Insured. 

       Graduated 2020 in Environmental Science.

One-Time cleanings-  Have to Estimate. 
Filter Cleaning-           5000 Dollars. : ) 
Drain and clean-         Sometimes Necessary.
Acid wash/
Power wash-               Included in Drain and Clean Fee.
Repairs-                      85 Dollar Estimate on Repairs.
Leak Detection-          Begin at 450 and Stop at 1200. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

​Since 2005

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